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Guiding you on a journey of transformation and empowerment, I am a dedicated practitioner and teacher with over 19 years of experience in holistic healing, meditation and spiritual growth. My passion lies in guiding empathic, sensitive and intuitive individuals through their journey of self-discovery and healing, using an integrative approach that combines the powerful modalities of chakra healing, Seraphim Blueprint, Reiki, along with profound shamanic techniques. 

Seraphim Blueprint Classes: For the Spiritual Explorer
You're are likely to be drawn to Seraphim Blueprint classes if you are seeking a deeper spiritual connection and want to explore cosmic energies for healing and personal growth. These classes are perfect for you if:
- You wish to tap into higher spiritual frequencies.
- You're curious about angelic energies and their role in personal and planetary healing.
- You desire to enhance your intuitive abilities and spiritual awareness.

In my classes, I ensure that complex concepts are made accessible and practical. You'll not only learn about these energies but also how to apply them in your daily life for profound transformation.

 Reiki Classes: For the Healing Enthusiast
Reiki classes are tailored for those who are looking to embrace a gentle yet powerful healing modality. You will find these classes beneficial if:
- You seek a holistic approach to wellness, balancing mind, body, and spirit.
- You're interested in learning a healing technique that you can apply to yourself and others.
- You want to cultivate a practice of mindfulness and inner peace.

As an experienced Reiki master teacher, I provide a nurturing environment where you'll learn and grow at your own pace, ensuring the teachings resonate with your personal healing journey.

 Customized Chakra Combination Sessions: 
My customized chakra combination sessions are ideal for those who are navigating through personal traumas or seeking a holistic approach to wellness. These sessions are particularly effective if:
- You're dealing with emotional or spiritual blockages.
- You've experienced trauma and seek a sensitive, trauma-informed approach to healing.
- You're interested in exploring a blend of healing modalities for a more comprehensive healing experience.

With thousands of one-on-one sessions under my belt, I bring a wealth of experience to each individual session, tailoring my approach to meet your unique needs.

VIP 6 Month Coaching and Healing Sessions

As an empathic individual, you may often find yourself deeply affected by your emotions and the emotions around you. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by emotional burnout and are seeking to reclaim your inner peace and balance, this program is designed with you in mind. You are likely someone who values personal growth and is actively looking for ways to enhance resilience, especially in the face of stress and compassion fatigue.

Your desire to transform your relationships, improve communication, and set healthy emotional boundaries is a key indicator that this program aligns with your aspirations. You are someone who strives for increased productivity and satisfaction in both your personal and professional life, recognizing the importance of harmony between the two.

The commitment to a 6-month journey of self-discovery and growth through one-on-one coaching and energy healing sessions indicates your readiness for a transformative experience. You are open to exploring alternative healing methods and are keen on developing a tailored self-care routine that nurtures your mind, body, and soul.

If you are at a point in your life where you're ready to invest time, effort, and resources into significant personal change, and you're seeking practical tools and strategies to thrive in all areas of life, this program is ideally suited for you. 


My Commitment to You
My approach to healing and teaching is grounded in empathy, responsiveness, and a commitment to your individual journey. Whether you're seeking to heal from past traumas, explore spiritual depths, or learn a powerful healing modality, I am here to guide and support you.

Guiding you to express your highest self through meditation, energy healing, and sound healing.
True Self Awakened
835 E 4800 S #114
Murray, UT

Free Chakra Meditation

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