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Cindy Waite Holistic Energy Healer

With a decade of dedicated experience in the field of energy healing and a deep-seated passion for promoting holistic wellness, Cindy has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of natural healing modalities. Over the years, she has seamlessly conducted thousands of individual sessions, offering personalized, transformative experiences that have truly touched lives and ignited positive change.

Beyond her one-on-one practice, Cindy is also an accomplished meditation teacher, facilitating hundreds of group sessions that have brought mindfulness and inner peace to individuals from all walks of life. Her unique ability to create a serene, yet empowering space has allowed countless participants to explore their own inner landscapes and harness the power of mindfulness.

In addition to her wealth of hands-on experience, Cindy's knowledge extends to the pedagogical domain as well. As a mentor and trainer, she has successfully guided many students into becoming proficient Reiki masters and energy healers themselves, a testament to her expertise and commitment to spreading this ancient wisdom.

Moreover, Cindy is not confined to a single method of practice. Her rich portfolio of skills includes multiple certifications in a variety of healing modalities, collected throughout an impressive span of 18 years of training. This diverse range of qualifications speaks volumes about her adaptability and dedication to continuous learning, thereby ensuring that she remains at the forefront of her field.

From her personal growth to her professional accomplishments, Cindy is not just a practitioner, but a lifelong student of life's intricate energy patterns. Her extensive background, paired with an innate compassion and profound wisdom, makes her an exceptional choice for anyone seeking to embark on their journey towards emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

Welcome to a healing journey like no other. Welcome to Cindy's world of energy healing and meditation. Let her guide you towards your best self.

Chakra Balance and Cleansing, Connecting with your Guides, Intuitive Development, Removal of Entities and attachments, Breakup healing and release, Space Clearings

Clearing abundance blocks

Trauma Release

Seraphim Blueprint Sessions and Training

Reiki Training

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