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Empowering you to live your full potential

Offering a variety of services all aimed at helping you to live at your fullest potential.  

Custom Energy Healing Session

A combination of techniques are used to balance and harmonize the chakra system and auric field.  These sessions promote healing and well being in the body, mind and emotional self.  

Home Clearing

These sessions are for clearing the energy in your home and setting up high frequency light grids to keep your home harmonious and peaceful.

Customized Class

If you are interested in learning Reiki or Seraphim Blueprint and you are unable to make it to the regular class, you can schedule one on one with this option.

Shamanic Energy Work

Shamanic Energy Work is helpful for keeping energy in balance and promotes the flow of positive energy. The removal of blockages caused by negative energy leads to:

Peace and Calmness

Balance and Harmony

Happiness and Laughter

Health and Healing

Success and Prosperity

This kind of energy work is great for long standing issues and may require regular sessions until it is resolved. 

Voice Channeling Session

With a guided voice channeling session, you can connect directly with your higher self, guides, angels or deceased loved ones. For this session, you are guided through the process of directly connecting with these higher sources of guidance to receive answers to questions you may have about pressing issues.

Past Life Regression

So many times we have repeating patterns and events in our lives that are coming from information stored in our chakras and auric field.  This session frees up those patterns and allows for new, healthier ways of living and being and more insight into your soul's history.

What our customers are saying

Cindy's clearings are amazing. Every time I have one I feel stuck energy lifting and clearing out of my energy system. She really gets the deep stuck trauma's cleared which allow me to feel clearer after as well. I'm able to make decisions easier and feel happier in general. I also find that I receive intuitive answers much easier and they are more clearly received. I'm also able to feel more peaceful and calm about my life after a session with her. I feel more hope and less worry about outcomes. It's amazing to feel less stress and more peaceful, especially in these tough times we are living in. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve their life, Cindy's clearings are simply amazing!

Eric B.

True Self Awakened

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Customized Energy Healing, Shamanic Work, Past Life Regression, Voice Channeling


60 Minute Session

Home Clearing


60 Minutes

Custom Seraphim Blueprint Levels 1-5


3 hr session

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