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Peeling Back Layers: My Journey Through Family Money Issues

There's a certain cyclical nature to self-awareness and healing. Our challenges, like layers of an onion, reveal themselves over time, each layer deeper than the last. In 2019, I embarked on a profound journey to confront my family’s money issues. Using shamanic ceremonies and rituals, and with the guidance of a dedicated shaman, I sought to untangle this complex web.

The results were transformative. I felt a burden lift, and the progress was beyond my expectations. Yet, as with many deeply-rooted issues, time has shown me that there are more layers to peel back and understand.

Recently, I was invited to attend a virtual ceremony with shamans in Peru. I found myself once again seeking the wisdom and expertise of these gifted men. This time, I experienced the power of a despacho ceremony and felt the healing lifting my burdens and an overwhelming sensation of weightlessness and renewed clarity.

In our lives, we often bear the brunt of our challenges alone, trying to navigate our way out of the darkness. But it’s crucial to remember that we don’t always have to. Seeking help, especially from gifted healers, can be a beacon of hope and transformation. They possess the unique ability to absorb and dissipate the heaviness, the shadows, and the pain.

Being a healer myself, I often play this vital role for others, acting as a vessel of relief and transformation. However, it's been a refreshing change to be on the receiving end of such healing. While I cherish the privilege of alleviating pain for others, experiencing this process from a different perspective was deeply needed.

In the end, our journeys of healing and self-discovery are continuous, revealing deeper truths with each layer we peel back. But through it all, it's comforting to know that we don't have to walk this path alone. Whether giving or receiving, the power of healing is a gift we can all embrace.

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