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Connecting To Higher Intuition

We live in a remarkable time where the ability to hear the Spirit's voice within our hearts and minds has become more accessible, thanks to the increased light in the physical plane. This means that even if you feel disconnected from your spiritual path, finding your way back is more possible than ever. All it takes is a sincere wish to return and a willingness to listen to your inner knowing, which we often call intuition.

Intuition is that quiet voice inside, emerging in moments of silence and inspiration, often when we ask and then wait. While some intuitive insights come from deeply understanding others, higher intuition connects us to a deeper source of truth, light, and wisdom from our soul.

The difference between human intuition and higher intuition doesn't have to be vast. However, many find it challenging to hear the soul's whispers. Bridging this gap requires an open mind and heart, and a budding trust in our capacity to know. Intuition isn't something that needs to be taught; it just needs to be allowed. It's always been within us, like a flower waiting to turn towards the sun. We can start by being open to more truth, light, and wisdom in our lives and the lives of those we love. We can pray to remove the obstacles that cloud our understanding.

A genuine desire to connect with higher truth begins to open the doors to inner knowing, especially when coupled with a willingness to receive and pay attention to what we sense. Some people sense things but doubt their inner voice, shutting out higher perception and giving more power to fear—fear of being wrong, fear of being different, or fear of the changes this knowledge might require. To keep the doors of intuition open, we must be willing to hear, know, and trust.

Trust is complex, often involving a reevaluation of our lives. We may have become more practical, focusing on daily tasks and responsibilities. Past mistakes might make us wary of trust. We might have forgotten our capacity to feel, sense, or be more open to life. Trust requires us to be open to receiving from a deeper part of ourselves and to believe in our ability to flow with life and make necessary changes.

Many know a great deal but are afraid to acknowledge it, fearing where it might lead them. This fear must be released to open the doors to greater intuition and perception of light and truth. Today, with so many significant issues before us as a global community, it’s crucial to reclaim our intuitive knowing and trust. Without this, we remain at the mercy of public opinion rather than standing in the presence of truth.

For personal and universal reasons, it is essential now more than ever to open to the light within us. This allows us to fully participate in the collective life of humanity and the circumstances of our own lives. It’s time to awaken our inner senses and become the light-filled beings we are meant to be. This era asks us to do this, and our hearts ask this of us so we can begin to solve the pressing problems and challenges before us.

We can start with prayer or meditation, followed by periods of silence where we wait to be shown the way. By doing so, we make ourselves ready to become vessels of truth and light. The recognition of intuition’s gifts may not happen immediately, but it will happen. And when someone returns to recognizing their Divine self, all of life celebrates.

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